Join the army of prosperity.

A new vision of prosperity, a vision for transforming the entire UK economy and society in a new direction. Here are Michael Bond’s articles and presentations of this new vision of how the British economy and society might be transformed by unleashing the real productive and creative potential of British innovative, creative, productive talent across the whole country.

For a hundred years or more Britain has suffered from a lack of vision, whether in public or private sectors, that could unleash the full talent of the country. Despite the occasional moment of glory, whether through the enormous transformations of Great War and the investments in science and technology, or through the enormous stimulus of North Sea Oil pumping vast investment into UK manufacturing, there has been no long term, sustained wave of transformation. Rather, the conservative approach of pre-industrial policies have held firm against the pressure of progress, causing the loss of numerous opportunities for new industrial revolution to lift the country to new golden heights of prosperity for all.

This must end and a new path forged for a new, greater prosperity for the benefit of everyone. This is the basis of Michael Bond’s new vision of prosperity.


Prosperity Timeline

Opportunities Lost

A short presentation introducing the huge loss of industrial, scientific and entrepreneurial opportunity over the last century. Britain has had several opportunities for dramatic new industrial revolutions, all lost.


Open Letter to the PM

An open letter to the Prime Minister, at that time, Mr Boris Johnson, introducing a vision of what’s possible for reviving the UK economy post-BREXIT.


Leaders’ Council

Logo of the Leaders' Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Leaders’ Council

Michael Bond is interviewed by the Leaders’ Council on his ideas for the future of the UK economy and the creation of a new sector to separate the functions of and stimulate new sustainable socio-economic growth.


Vision of a New Britain

Expanding on his Open Letter to the Prime Minister Michael outlines a strategy to pivot the UK economy onto a new path of prosperity before it’s too late. Intended for a broader audience of moderate MPs in Parliament and the start of the new Prosperity Campaign to pivot for prosperity.