Open Letter

Open Letter

Open Letter for the attention of the Prime Minister on matters of national economic crisis, resolving nationwide fuel/energy poverty, addressing urgent challenges to the National Health Service, erasing the heavy burden of taxation on the British public and taking advantage of the tremendous economic opportunities post-BREXIT to transform the United Kingdom into a new economic superpower with immediate effect through new investment, employment and growth for all communities, North, South, East and West.

(Originally presented to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and retained here for the attention of subsequent Prime Ministers until accepted and approved to revive the British people, society and state.)

£2.4 Trillion Structural Recovery Fund

Government Borrowing NOT Required

Date: Thursday, the 24th of February, 2022

F.A.O.:  Rt Hon. Mr Boris Johnson, M.P., The Prime Minister
cc: Interested Departments, MPs, Parties & Press

Dear Mr Johnson,

Just a brief note, at this time of tremendous crisis, to remind you of the £2.4 trillion Structural Fund awaiting your action and approval for delivery to the Treasury.

As you may recall this is a transformational strategy fund I proposed to deliver through the Treasury for government use, sufficient to wipe the national debt and offer you a clean slate to relaunch Britain as a bold, innovative and visionary economy post-BREXIT.  Now that, this year, Britain and the British people face huge social and economic crises effecting every family and business, and in light of the new, urgent international crisis over Ukraine and its likely effects on the UK public, I’ve been prompted to remind you that this funding remains available today and can be delivered with relatively immediate effect, subject to all government approvals being granted to make delivery.

I know these are busy, difficult and trying times and it’s perhaps difficult to recall my proposals to deliver the Structural Fund to the government.  Here is a brief reminder of some of the current domestic issues it will address today.

NHS Funding Crisis

I do not know why the Chancellor and Treasury felt a need to raise National Insurance contributions and impose such a heavy burden on ordinary working people when the Structural Fund could easily be unwrapped to encompass and solve the crisis of funding, staffing and resources throughout the NHS.  Additionally, reflecting on this crisis in recent weeks, I see the potential of my alternative public-private sector partnership delivering a dedicated rescue package without burdening the public with more taxation.  As for the idea of a so-called “Windfall Tax” on large businesses being touted around by some activists. This is an equally unnecessary burden when there is far more funding available today from the Structural Fund.

Similarly, drawing on my interests in the field of architecture and urban design, an extension of that public-private sector partnership could deliver on your government’s commitment to up to fifty new/state-of-the-art 21st Century hospitals to help meet the massive new burdens brought on by the COVID crisis, for the current NHS challenges and the long term effects on the country’s general health and well-being.

Overall I believe up to £70 billion can be made available for the NHS as an immediate emergency reboot to revive this vital public service.  Remember, this is nothing like the old PFI (Private Finance Initiative) burden dropped on the shoulders of the NHS by the last Labour government.  It is a partnership evolving from my broader interests in these sectors – the new strategy pays for the hospitals not the public purse. It’s worth noting that this is equivalent to the promised £350 million a week to the NHS post-BREXIT over the next four years.

Energy Crisis

Now, Spring 2022, we face a new and equally devastating economic crisis for the entire country after COVID and the country’s recent agonies with the energy price catastrophe, likely to be made worse with the Ukraine crisis.  Again my Structural Fund could bail the country out temporarily while my strategies for long term investment in sustainable domestic power generation, especially the large-scale offshore generators, are put into place.

Following up on my original proposals to you, Britain could become energy independent and solve the majority of fuel poverty within a decade, faster if you permit me to work at full urgent pace without conventional unnecessary restraints.  With your approvals and my release to action we could become a major energy generator and exporter to the EU with a few years; but this is an opportunity to energy leadership which must be taken up now before we loose it to our competitors, especially as they are being forced to adapt to the Ukraine crisis today.

Economic Regeneration & Rebirth – Levelling-up

There is far more to the plan beyond the Structural Fund.  Today, mired in deep social, environmental, economic crisis, it appears, seen from outside, as if Britain is broken beyond repair but I believe there is vastly more potential to be unleashed and lead Britain forward to a spectacular world of good health, justice and prosperity for all. 

You have promoted your vision of levelling-up for Britain.  To me this is a process of leadership, vision and investment to lift everyone, in Britain and the world, up and out of poverty, ignorance and despair, to invest in our talents and potential and achieve a new healthier and wealthier world for all and the benefit of all.

I hope now you and the rest of the government will see that this is the time to accept the benefits from my Structural Fund and set Britain on a new course to become an economic superpower of the 21st century.

Let me free to act today, with the full approval and active support of the government and all relevant agencies, as a matter of urgent national crisis. Cutting through traditional bureaucracy and red tape it will take approximately ten days to implement the necessary arrangements, transfer the first round of funds into Treasury, potentially several hundred thousand million pounds awaiting your approvals, and begin changing Britain forever. Let this now be a time of renewal and fortune.

Kind regards,
Michael Bond


In addition to the key benefit of easing the UK government’s financial burdens post-BREXIT/COVID, this programme of investment, and additional funds not discussed here, will deliver at least:-

  • NHS funding & investment equal to approximately £70,000 million. Fulfilling the government promise of up to £350 million a week for the next four years.
  • A new long term vision of NHS reconstruction and for health service priorities to permanently improve the condition of national health in light of the COVID experience.
  • Immediate aid to ease entire UK energy crisis, followed by a major investment programme creating tens of thousands of new jobs in engineering, construction, energy generation and long term investment in the high productivity high technology power-generation sector.
  • An opportunity to ease the financial burdens on higher education and ease or remove student debt burdens altogether for the next generation.
  • (In light of the Ukraine crisis) An opportunity to invest in new UK defences and future preparedness. Separate details already submitted to Ministry of Defence.
  • NO COST TO UK taxpayers or HM Treasury.
  • Additional investment funding in a wide range of key strategic industries throughout the UK for the next four decades.

Up-Date: Tuesday, 1st, March, 2022
If you need a further example of Michael’s vision of the future of Britain, and the country’s poor history of innovation and world leadership, then watch his latest presentation about Opportunities Lost.

Up-Date: Monday, 5th, September, 2022
And Britain has had a new Prime Minister voted into power today. No change here as the core themes of the Fund and its offer to the government remain valid. Other strategies than awaiting the PM’s attention are being explored. Minor amendments for clarification and the latest crises.

Up-Date: Tuesday, 18th, October, 2022
Added ConservativePlus challenge to this trilogy of articles. Do we need a new focus on the nature of government under Conservative rule?

Up-Date: Thursday, 10th, November, 2022
Pleased to announce the release of my interview with the Leader’s Council online. Hear and learn more about my thinking on this subject and the future prospects of the UK economy:-


A former international financial specialist Michael Bond has a broad range of skill and interest in the arts, technology design and advanced science and engineering. His activities include: concept design of the high performance luxury supercar, the Rumbler Sport Tank; proposal for a 21st Century Royal Yacht – the High Liner; interests in architecture and urban design at Stockport Powerhouse; reviving the fortunes of the British civil aerospace industry with such actions as the rescue plan for Woodford Aerodrome. In fashion & the arts he designs innovative fashion accessories and writes short stories and film scripts with an emphasis on science fiction and action-adventure dramas: free samples.

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