Art of Stories – Rattlesnakes of Mars

Art of Stories – Rattlesnakes of Mars

This is the second article about my eBook covers and their stories, and why I chose an unconventional route to giving you something unique.

The Rattlesnakes of Mars

With a touch of the “Dune” saga, the cover for The Rattlesnakes of Mars reminds me of those simple images from the 1970s.

This is a simple style that hints at a mystery, but doesn’t overwhelm you with decorative detail. Like the remoteness of Mars in the future, here is an abstraction of the essential heart of the story. This is the image that stays in my mind for this story of a cold, remote, isolated place in the imagination.

Within is a drama of monsters on the loose across the burning sands of the cold red desert of Mars.

The rest I leave to your imagination and discovery.

Begin your quest for these unique and deadly sandworms now.

Your book awaits.