COVID The Long View

The COVID crisis has devastated the world. I believe there is more to-come. In all the discussions and events over the last year the COVID crisis may present us with long term challenges we’ve not yet discussed. There are two challenges that come to my mind.

Mutation & Youth Vaccination

Recent events (January 2021) have revealed the capacity of COVID to mutate into new and more contagious and potentially more lethal strains. There’s no way, at present, of knowing how much more mutation may occur. If mutations continue and remain a threat then we have to look to the long term in dealing with COVID.

To answer this challenge I believe we must investigate and plan for long term vaccination of all children world-wide for many years.

Children are more naturally resistant to COVID, and have a bouncy and enthusiastic immune system, but as they reach adulthood they may still be exposed to future strains in remote parts of the world. An early vaccination will stimulate their immune systems and prepare it for future exposure – their immune systems will be trained and strengthened to deal with future exposures.

This WILL not guarantee any immunity to future exposure, even though many people will be too idle to act in any other fashion, but will train their immune systems somewhat, on a small scale to be ready in the event of exposure. This ought to reduce the serious effects of exposure in adulthood, especially if combined with a suitable personal health and fitness education to help future generations to live longer, stronger and healthier lives to resist and thwart future strains.

We do not know how long COVID and its various pesky strains will remain in the world, so a childhood vaccination is a good insurance to shield our children for years, even decades.

And this leads me to the next and more dangerous challenge.

Plague War

The generally accepted evidence for the start of COVID suggests an accidental release of an infected sample from a laboratory in China. Should this be true, and I believe we ought to plan for this to be true, the probability is that an organism that was tampered with and then released into the wild has caused tremendous disruption to the world for over a year to-date.

The fact of this disruption is probably already in the minds of many and likely to grow in years to-come in the minds of those who could use such artificial outbreaks and epidemics as a means of strategic world influence.

A terror group, a fundamentalist church, a dictator, or democratically elected fool, could all see the opportunity of using artificially-created organisms to influence world, or local, events to their own ends.

This is no little threat. As the science of microbiology increases in sophistication this will become a useful tool in the armouries of more and more insanity around the world, republics, tyrannies, churches, gangsters, and commercial corporations may all see the opportunity of inducing outbreaks or epidemics for their own ends. With each passing decade and century we can look forward to increasing sophistication of a science capable of wiping the face of the Earth of humans with one small tweak of a sample of DNA.

This long term challenge will be met with new and more resolute action from science and education. We have numerous solutions to-hand should we take account of them, and while most governments may have ignored the warnings following the first outbreaks of SARS a few years ago, perhaps this time around we can see future action embedded in our societies to neutralise the effects of such plague attacks in the same way we immunise our bodies with vaccines.

I have already drawn up plans for this with the design of a new Institute for Biological Sciences in England. Time will tell whether it will succeed.