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Date: Tuesday, 15th, November, 2022

Michael Bond in conversation with the Leader’s Council

In conversation with Michael Bond and the influential Leaders Council in London Michael discusses his thoughts on leadership in the modern world, with a special emphasis on the state of British political leadership and the huge economic, environmental and health challenges we are facing in the modern world.

Michael explains his own thoughts on a new future for the British economy and his innovative solutions to the challenges of revitalising the country. Speaking about this he explains his new concepts for an agency to bridge the gaps in British institutions that are leaving many economic opportunities unfulfilled. With bold new action Michael proposes to unleash the real potential of British creativity, inventiveness and enterprise by tapping into the huge finance available in the world financial systems and create a new industrial, scientific and cultural revolution for Britain and the world.

Listen the the full conversation with Michael Bond here…

Learn More About Britain’s Lost Opportunities

To learn more about Michael’s thoughts and vision for the future of a revived British economy visit the following pages here:

Open Letter to the British Prime Minister, explaining the basic proposal to reboot the economy and help lift the public out of deep recession


Opportunities Lost, discussing the last hundred years’ of failure to take advantage of the tremendous talent for visionary innovation in Britain.


During my conversation with Scott I mentioned the likely fate of the British Army’s Ajax light tank project following public criticism over the project costs and quality of delivery. My apologies for excessive enthusiasm, but it appears the project remains in progress with efforts being made to correct the issues surrounding the noisy design of the vehicle. – Michael

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