Art of Stories – Bob The Meteor Miner

Art of Stories – Bob The Meteor Miner

This is the fourth article about my eBook covers and their stories, and why I chose an unconventional route to giving you something unique.

Bob The Meteor Miner Cover

The Chronicles of Bob The Meteor Miner

Inspired by the bold, dramatic, astounding and amazing stories from the Golden Age of science fiction, here is a New Age of Adventure for YOU!

A Hero demands Heroic Art, and lots of Capital Letters!

A Hero need his Ship and his loyal Sidekick.

A Hero Needs a Title – A BOLD, DRAMATIC TITLE of HEROIC Proportions!!

Bob has landed!

The man to fix things, solve problems and deal with the most challenging adventures ever faced by man and bunny.

Are we lost in space? No! Because Bob is here to save you and your world!

Are you ready for the challenge to begin?

Book yourself in for the adventure to begin.