Vision Of A New Britain

An alternative view of the real potential for economic revival and future prosperity in the United Kingdom.

Date: Monday, 13th, November, 2023

Britain desperately needs a new vision of a bolder, brighter future to lead us out of the despair we’re suffering, but no one in government appear to have a clue as to what to do. I am writing this to existing MPs, back benchers in government and others, to appeal for their approval and support to allow me to deliver such a solution.

We have all seen from recent controversial statements coming out of Cabinet-level government, as the COVID Enquiry is highlighting to the world, and as the government itself has admitted regarding a complete lack of strategic vision for a post-BREXIT revolution and economic boom, government leadership appears as adrift as a rudderless ship.

We are all suffering the consequences of one failure after another another as senior leaders bumble and blunder in the dark. It’s time to shine a light on a new path to real nation-wide prosperity that embraces everyone in every community, to reunite and revive this country, the United Kingdom.

I have a vision of such a prosperity.

While there is a lot of talk and controversy surrounding emotive subjects like migration, BREXIT, COVID, etc., I believe we must focus our greatest attention and efforts on what’s really important – creating a just, fair, dignified and passionate prosperity for all, not just a little elite, and that is the vision I offer for Britain.

It was King Charles, when Prince of Wales and addressing COP26 about climate change, who said it was critical to deal with the private sector on such huge world issues. It is the private sector that has the trillions that could be mobilised, whether for climate or for a new industrial revolution, trillions that can lift Britain out of the bleak Dickensian despair we are living in.

Far beyond King Charles’s speeches on climate change I see the enormous potential to reawaken and mobilise the tremendous talent for art, science, industry, innovation that has given Britain prosperity before. However, we must overcome the flaws and faults of out-dated bureaucratic management that has cost us so much in the past.

Over the last hundred years British scientific and industrial discovery has offered us several opportunities for new industrial revolution. New revolutionary breakthrough technologies: radar, computing, civil atomic power, the jet engine, aerospace, advanced railway technologies and more could have been the sparks to create new economic booms. If only we had the long term and sustained strategies for them.

From my dealings with British industry over many years one of the key themes that comes out in discussion time and time again is the utter frustration over the lack of any kind of sustainable, consistent government economic or industrial strategy. No strategic vision can last a change in Minister, Cabinet, Prime Minister or Parliament, but bold and large-scale strategy demands long term, sustained commitment for the whole country. Currently the state of non-leadership appears to be more a case of lions led by dead donkeys.

And the potential remains brilliant, innovation and scientific breakthroughs await a strategy to unleash their true power for prosperity. This is the strategy I have been drawing up for the last decade.

Long before the term BREXIT was coined I saw the real potential in this country and a way to mobilise it. New mega-projects (not the mismanaged tiddly-winks of HS2) may act as super-stimuli to economic growth. These may include revolutionary advances in the high technology sectors, the revival of past achievements by past innovators in energy and computing, from hardware to advanced cybernetics and robotics, and huge reforms in the NHS, new buildings and breakthroughs to help overcome the crippling burden the service has suffered in recent years. Huge resources of private sector finance stand ready to be delivered for all this and much more, and both domestic and world markets may grow from this new output, while Britain’s bargaining power in international trade negotiations post-BREXIT may grow in leaps and bounds on the back of this.

While many people await a general election and the prospect of new government that doesn’t guarantee any new strategy for the crises we face today: poverty, food banks, housing, NHS in ruin, weak national defence, poor resources for policing, the poverty of UK manufacturing and so much more. These subjects are the real concern of the British people and are far too important to wait for some distant resolution, and that brings me back to my appeal to MPs and Cabinet today. Britain needs a boost, a hyper-boost, now, urgently, desperately. It can happen quickly with their agreement.

I could do much of this privately, assemble investors, sponsors and partners and slowly build the infrastructure needed to launch these projects, but that may take a decade. Full government approval today may only take a few weeks to launch and begin delivering investment to Britain. With government approval these crises could be eased now, today, while I work long term to lay the foundations for the new prosperity to-come.

Subject to those approvals I will be in a position to open access to new private sector funds to refloat the country, money for Treasury to aid the public, money to invest in the large-scale economic mobilisation we need for the long term, for employment, training, investment, innovation, growth, and I have already seen the vast opportunities opening for us if we wish to step over that threshold into a new, healthier, better world for everyone.

And I must emphasise this point. This vision will be driven by private sector funding on a scale not seen in Britain for decades, mobilising, as King Charles advocated, a war-scale of investment and growth. There is no cost to the Treasury, no need to raise taxes or borrow more and more money from the banks. There will be no such burden on the British taxpayer in this strategy.

I am well aware that this is a core theme of current government thinking, the need to keep the tax burden low, and their ideological acknowledgement that the real solutions to the country’s challenging problems can only effectively come from the innovation and enterprise of the private sector, not an over-burdening bureaucracy. Here is that solution.

In conclusion, as King Charles has said, there is vast investment available from the private sector. I know this to be true from my own private conversations with the Bank of England amongst other sources. Such money could be mobilised immediately to revive the British economy, create jobs, reduce poverty, stimulate new innovation, new industries, new services and much more. The government have openly admitted and demonstrated a total lack of clear strategy, whether for BREXIT or COVID, or anything else. I have a strategy and I invite government and interested parties to allow me to begin work now. With government approval I may begin work within weeks to deliver benefits to more and more people across the country. The country deserves nothing less that all-out support for my vision of a new Britain.


This article is intended to be politically-neutral and will not be allowed to empower, encourage or support, in any fashion, any form of extremism. It is intended wholly and exclusively to be a means of opening a debate and negotiation with the government on the challenging issues of our times, to bring solutions forward and, if approved, deliver them to the country as quickly as possible. The long term aim is for the re-establishment of a just, fair, healthy and sane world.