Star Trek Disco 3

Star Trek Disco 3

Tuesday, 20th, October, 2020

And so we are once again in space, slightly lost, beyond frontiers, Star Trek Dicso 3 has appeared on our screens.

I wonder what will happen, lots of exciting adventures every week, according to the imps on the Lower Decks, or an ever-so-slightly more plausible concept (stop laughing at the back!)?

Disco.3 begins with a challenge to the characters, audience and writers, but are they up for it?

To set the scene: Our Heroine Cmdr Burnham is thrust 900 years into the future and the Federation, Starfleet and, currently, her ship, the Disco., no longer exist.

Having picked up the gist from last week’s first episode I thought this was a bold and challenging move, but I wondered how the writers will tackle it.

At the end of the episode Burnham is faced with a series of deep truths, will she embrace them like a sensible grown-up and professional officer or race off for adventures each week, or will we just skip all the boring options altogether and stick with the Disco.? Her challenges are, to me, interesting for what they could say about her and the story’s potential

900+ Years

She’s out of date and her depth in the same away a Mediaeval Knight would be totally ill-equipped and out of his depth if suddenly snatched from an 11th Century Crusade and dropped into the middle of the Gulf War. Does Burnham accept this and use her highly-trained mind to totally retrain herself, her skills, reflexes, understanding, or just lean on her hot new hunky acquaintance and race off for adventures Trek-style?

Taking Command & Responsibility

She has been show the remnants of the Federation. Now she is the last surviving authentic serving officer of Starfleet and effectively the only legitimate authority on a broken starbase.

Does she assume Flag Command and begin surveying the base to reactivate, restore and rebuild it as a base of operations and potential home port should the Disco. turn up? Or run away for some adventures?

Professional, But..?

A serious professional would spend a lot of time taking stock of all the assets at their disposal and even redefine their role and mission. Burnham should have that competence from her career and upbringing, including a stint in the Terran Empire and its unique perspective on taking decisive action (with sharp pointy knives). Will the writers show professionalism or run off for some neat adventures?

Burnham doesn’t even has her own ship, just her true power and legitimacy over a former starbase with millions of tons of wreckage to scavenge and reshape into something new, a new foundation for a new Federation. Will she rise to the duty and responsibility, fighting for reconstruction and rebirth, or run off for some adventures?

We shall have to wait and see. I see interesting opportunities that have caught my imagination and I’m intrigued to see what will come

Oh yes, and I wonder what the former Terran Empress will make of this new universe.

According to the news the next, 4th, season has already been commissioned so there is plenty of fun to come.

Up-Date: 22nd., October, 2020


So I was totally wrong on everything, skip all of the above, don’t even consider adventures and action focussed on Burnham to build the tension slowly while exploring this new universe of the future, just jump a year ahead and drop straight back to the Disco. and a quick reunion.

A whole year of Burnham’s adventures. Opportunities thrown aside. Awww, no fun!

According to the boys, girls and things on the Lower Decks there’ll be another adventure next week.


Up-Date: 29th, October, 2020


Episode 3, gist from what I’ve learnt. Yes, they did it! They gave Cmdr Burnham a whole year and did she stay put and build a base of operations, take command and so much more, or did she go off on adventures with her new hottie?

Yes, adventures for the Commander. Gosh, sounds just like Star Trek then.

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