Art of Stories – Little Box of Horrors

Art of Stories – Little Box of Horrors

This is the third article about my eBook covers and their stories, and why I chose an unconventional route to giving you something unique.

Cover page for Little Box Of Horrors

The Little Box Of Horrors

The spirit of The Little Box Of Horrors always reminded me of those sparse black and white British adventure films just after the end of the Second World War. The children having wild adventures as they scramble around the bombed out ruins of London.

With that as a foundation I have always seen The Little Box Of Horrors as a simpler story from the 1950s – a mix of post-war adventure and science fiction thriller for older children. Here is my sketch drawn for an age of sparse austerity, when Earth has been invaded and conquered by predatory aliens. Where children are left to their own devices, their own adventures and their own experiences.

Adventures amongst the ruins of the world. A child hides under a tree and looks out across the ruined city as smoke streams up into the sky. Dark clouds are building up, heralding the coming storm, while an alien ship hovers over the ruins, searching.

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