Hand Dryer

Dummies guide to the use of a hand drier, inspired by British inventor James Dyson.

Date: Thursday, the 5th of October, 2006

A few days ago I watched a demonstration on BBC TV News for a new invention by noted British inventor James Dyson (he of the bagless vacuum cleaner). His latest product is going to be a new hand dryer for washrooms everywhere, claiming to be quicker and cleaner than old style blow dryers.

I’ve never had a problem with existing hot air hand dryers and was confused about why such a new invention was needed, especially when it seems more complex and trickier to use, which means most people won’t use the new invention properly.

So, I decided to address the issue in my own way with a simple guide.

If people aren’t using washroom dryers properly then they need help (apart from Californians who already have enough psychiatrists to help them).

This has prompted me to produce this simple handy guide for washrooms everywhere – “Hand Dryers for Dummies”. With this guide you can help all your helpless, and hapless, work colleagues to make the best use of your hand dryers, improve hygiene in your workplace, no more damp patches on exit doors, no more shaking a clammy hand of someone who’d just “been”. 

At last it’s here – the ultimate and only guide to drying your hands the hand-dryer way!

There’s more!  The dummies guide to hand-drying show you how to reduce your “carbon handprint” (TM) to make the most effective use of your hand-dryer faclities at the lowest energy costs.  Yes!  The hand-dryer for dummies can save you money and lead to a cleaner working environment.

If you have a washroom with a hand dryer then I urge you to print out the following handy wall chart, laminate it to keep it clean and dry in the danger zone and stick it right up above every dryer in your workplace, for all your dummy workmates and playmates to enjoy.

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