Air Diamond

The Air Diamond £100 Million Competition

Harnessing carbon-rich smog for future construction and manufacturing.
The DIAMOND Answer to the Greenhouse Effect.


I assume you are well-aware of the current (2009) debate over the greenhouse effect (the “greenheat”) threatening the world and some of the solutions to reduce carbon in the world’s atmosphere.

A number of popular suggestions have focused on removing excess carbon dioxide from the world’s atmosphere and returning it to the Earth’s crust, sinking it in the deep ocean, etc.

I propose an alternative strategy.

The £100 Million Air Diamond Competition

Rather than trying to extract and dump carbon dioxide we ought to launch a world-wide, long term competition: a challenge to encourage the creation of industrial processes to extract and use carbon dioxide, separating carbon or processing it into diamond coatings and construction materials.

Diamond, pure carbon, offers exceptional long term future possibilities, for example new building for the construction industry, and converts all surplus atmospheric carbon into a valuable asset to any country inundated with smog from their own or their neighbour’s pollution.

New Perspective

The Air Diamond Challenge attempts to stimulate new, positive and creative solutions to the issues of the greenheat and alter the current pessimistic outlook for the world.

If action is not taken then the world can look forward to increasingly dangerous problems in the world, from crop failures, water shortages, through to social and political upheavals on a planetary scale comparable to a world war.

While I accept that the Air Diamond Challenge is not going to offer short term solutions, which would better come from nuclear power, as one example, the progressive trend in scientific and technological progress must never be overlooked in converting a problem into an opportunity.

A Managed Prize Fund

The Air Diamond Prize of £100 million may be raised from interested governments, organisations and agencies interested in such creative solutions.  Held as a managed fund the Prize money may offer an annual income sufficient to sponsor modest early research into such solutions until it is won by the individual, team or company capable of meeting the requirement – a process to extract and convert sufficient carbon into diamond coatings and structural elements for a large multi-story structure.

Download The PROPOSAL

You can download a copy of this article with further details to forward to all your friends and contacts you feel would enjoy these thoughts.

Download the proposal here.

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