Little Box Of Horrors

Little Box Of Horrors

The Little Box Of Horrors

There’s a storm coming on the conquered Earth.
One young boy is about to unleash hell.
By Michael Bond, copyright 1991.
eBook / Kindle Edition 2020.

On a conquered Earth generations in the future mankind is subject to the absolute authority of the Occupiers – brutal alien victors in a war fought and lost decades past.

Now one young boy, Leslie Jackson, is given the chance to fight back, but first he has to learn his destiny and power. To begin his journey he must uncover the secrets and devastating power buried in The Little Box Of Horrors, a war machine with a mind of its own and a fifty year battle plan about to bear fruit.

A short story, by Michael Bond, which may become be the basis of a TV show or series of films on the theme of future war, resistance and destiny fulfilled. “The Little Box Of Horrors” explores the adventures and battle of young Leslie Jackson, who could decide the future of mankind.

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