PM and King Agreement

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Date: Tuesday, 15th, November, 2022

PM Rishi Sunak and King Charles In Agreement

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and King Charles are both in agreement that without major private sector action and stimulus the British economy will suffer more continuing tragedy; and that is the basis of a new strategy offered by independent finance specialist Michael Bond to boost the British economy out of recession as quickly as possible. Speaking in an conversation with the Leaders Council last week Michael spoke of the critical contribution the independent sector can make to bring trillions of pounds of new financial stimulus and a new rescue plan to the UK’s economic, environmental and health crises.

It was King Charles who said, when Prince of Wales and speaking about the Climate Change crisis, that you have to engage with the private sector if you are to solve it; because while the public sector deals in billions the private sector has access to trillions. From Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Conservative point of view the story is the similar – that the private sector must be engaged and freed to stimulate a new prosperity and revival of the UK economy post-BREXIT.

Unfortunately the two men in the most senior positions in the country have yet to engage the real economic and productive potential of the private sector in the UK on their own; and this is where Michael is offering a new solution.

As he discusses in his conversation with the Leader’s Council Michael has been evaluating the state of British innovation and its failings over the last hundred years, when Britain has had several opportunities to launch new industrial revolutions across different advanced technology fields in which the country was world leader. He’s discovered there are flaws at the heart of the British system of leadership, investment and growth for new prosperity. There is, in his understanding of the world financial system, huge funding available to be mobilised for growth but a chasm of understanding between traditional public and private sectors in how to engage with and focus these resources for the benefit of the whole country. This is where he proposes a new solution to bridge the gap and bring a long term strategic stimulus to the country.

To correct the flaws Michael has identified in the current British economic system he plans a new direction for long term innovation and investment. Not to replace but to complement the current institutions. Where both public and private sectors focus primarily on the short term visions, of politics during their brief five-year terms or private sector commercial demands for a good quick return on investment, his plan acts as a new advanced development agency for long term strategic vision on commercial scales of trillions raised privately and invested over decades for real, sustainable, long term growth.

This won’t solve the immediate crisis facing the UK economy today. Michael has a solution to this by offering to bring hundreds of thousands of millions of independent finance into the government as a way to bail out the country and ease the horrifying burdens on the public this winter. With the Bank of England already stating that the new recession may last well into the year 2024, Michael is offering a way out for everyone more quickly with a major injection of cash into the Treasury as soon as his plans are approved by the Rishi Sunak and his Cabinet.

Long term Michael has identified all the economic potential in a range of industrial and commercial sectors for stimulating the British economy and setting it in a new direction for high and sustainable growth for the next hundred years. It will take several years to set the whole plan in motion with the prospect of creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs and sustaining many more in a new advanced technology economy. In the meantime Michael’s bailout funding proposal to the Rishi Sunak’s government will tide the country over, shorten the recession and lead into the new recovery.

To hear Michael’s full conversation with the Leaders Council visit here: In Conversation.


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To learn about Michael’s vision for the future of Britain begin by reading his Open Letter.