Decline & Fall of the British Economy

The decline and fall of the British economy under Conservative Party leadership during the last two hundred years.

Monday, the 13th, June, 2022

The latest news announcements show that Britain’s economic growth has slowed dramatically in the last few months. This prompted questions about something I read many years ago about the poor performance of the British government under Conservative leadership and the decline and fall of the British economy during the last two hundred years. Is this true and could you help Michael discover the answer?

Is there a deeply-rooted flaw in traditional Conservative Party thinking that causes economic decline in Britain during their leadership? And has this been true for the last two or three centuries?
Does the core Conservative Party philosophy need additional thinking to enrich the future of Britain – ConservativePlus?

Having already proposed a major new (Spring 2022) initiative to revive the UK economy Michael asks a question of his followers to help find the answer about the long term record of economic leadership of Britain under the Conservative Party as it currently stands.