Air Britannia

Morning: Wednesday the 9th of March, 2022

And today the British press are reporting the deadlock between the United States of America and Poland on the shipment of Mig-29 Fighter jets to Ukraine. Although this will be seen as yet another armchair general spouting unfounded ideas, Michael Bond has lost patience with the deadlock and offers a solution.

Drawing on his own efforts to provide $30 billion of humanitarian aid to the people of Iraq twenty years ago Michael offers s simple, neutral alternative to break the deadlock today.

Watch the video and decide whether this is something you feel is worthwhile, then share it with all your contacts in the relevant government agencies to see if something can be done. Welcome to Air Britannia.

Open Letter to the British Prime Minister

If you wish to learn more about Michael’s Open Letter to the British Prime Minister on an integrated economic strategy for the reboosting of the British economy and a solution to the looming energy crisis then read it for yourself here: Open Letter