Mayoral Announcement II

Tuesday 13th, April, 2021

Election campaign for the seat of Mayor of Greater Manchester, 2021

As many of you undoubtedly anticipated my leap up the slippery political ladder slithered to a stop and has come to an end for now.

I want to thank everyone, or two, of you who offered and gave their support to my efforts but as you will have known already it takes a lot more than better ideas and thoughts for the future to win in this game.

My work in creating a fledgling campaign over the last few weeks has been a very interesting experience and left me with a few seeds scattered out there for people to learn what may have been.

Perhaps in the next few weeks I will post them out for your information and thought for future action.

In the meantime I shall be returning to my core work of solving climate change and poverty with science and engineering over at Rumbler and look forward to new ventures to-come.

I’ll keep all the campaign pages open for anyone who wants to browse my thoughts on such themes as Green Belts, Climate Change, Urban Design and the Housing Crisis, Clean Air Zones, HS2, Fuel Poverty, COVID and more.

As for politics. Let’s just say: “I’ll be back” (perhaps?).

Cheerio for now.