No one can stand for Mayor without funding and signatories.

Funding is obvious, so get your donations in today if you, like Michael, are ticked off by the vague antics of the established Big Bosses of the political elite in London.

Supporters are a different and unique breed. Like Michael you have to be prepared to step, a little, forward and approve of his campaign.

The legal requirements for a campaign to go ahead in Greater Manchester are that at least one hundred registered voters, ten in each of the districts of Greater Manchester, must sign-up and say “Yes!”.

Your details will be recorded and logged to go to the election officials to be checked.

Are you one of the Elite, one of the “Ticked Off” and will you step up and approve of Michael’s efforts?

If so then please pop over to the registration page and leave your details and Michael will contact you in the next week or so to confirm everything.

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Thanks in advance for helping change the world for a new vision and a new direction. Click the button to go and leave your details.