Welcome to the world of political fund-raising.

“More gold and less red.”

Michael has a very special set of skills in advanced technology, design and innovative finance, and a REALLY BIG vision of the future of our community and the wider world. His ambitions to become Mayor of Greater Manchester bring those to the fore.

For Michael’s campaign to become a success needs enough support to hammer back against the Big Bosses of the slick well-funded London parties and arouse awareness in all the people of Greater Manchester that there IS another, new, better path to the future. More gold and less red. As a bare minimum Michael must raise at least £10,000 before the formal launch of the campaign as registered candidate in early April. The more he raises beyond that the better to complete his work and bring you the rewards of a better world.

There are three ways to make a contribution to Michael’s efforts:-


Ten for the Mayor.

Simply put: you make a small £10.00 donation of support to the campaign and help fund Michael’s efforts.

A few quid for a new future.


Support Michael for Mayor big time.

Come and make a donation of multiples of £1,000. and help Michael challenge the Big Bosses in London.


Michael has a range of fun little ways for you to help him out. Right now he has his eBooks, his short stories, online for your entertainment.

If you enjoy a good science fiction story (mind the Dragons and Space Bunnies), then this is a great way for you to help and receive something now, today, to enjoy.

Later, as more donations flow in, more novel and useful goodies will be available for you. These are all intended to benefit you and your life in some simple, practical fashion.