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Muggins mugshot. Rumbler version.

Michael Bond

Author, Film Screenwriter, Technology Innovator & Designer in Aerospace and Automotive sectors. Supercar Designer. Architectural and Urban Planning Innovator, and fledgling Fashion Designer.

A polymath with a wide scope if interest in the world, how it works, why it goes wrong and how to fix it Michael is a bit on the weird side, on the edge of the future and always seeking ways to open your eyes and new doors to the future for everyone.

Over many decades, while spending much of his time looking after his ageing father, Michael worked on mastering skills in the finance sector and understanding the deeper mysteries of how and why the UK and world economy was so bent out of shape and unfit for the modern world. Following the world economic crisis Michael turned his hand to technology design and innovation, teaching himself the skills needed to create a unique solution to world climate change in the automotive industry: designing a new luxury high performance supercar as a means of raising the funds to create new breakthrough technologies to solve urban air pollution.

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Educated only to secondary school level, with no university or advanced level education, has been both an obstacle and boon to Michael’s interests in the world, forcing him to learn the deeper mysteries without the strictures of formal education. With no formal education or professional full-time career Michael has experienced a broader range of work and experience to strengthen his multi-talented mind.

In addition to his work in technology innovation and design Michael has spent much of his life practising the art of writing fiction, especially film scripts and short stories, some of which he publishes for the world to enjoy or buy as online ebooks.

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With a deep concern for the state of the world Michael has tried his best to offer his insights and thoughts about the problems we face in society and how to solve them in a way beneficial to everyone. This can be a simple as volunteering to keep parts of his local community clean and the environment green, through to large-scale visionary ambitions in urban design to solve the largest challenges in innovative new ways, bringing his wide range of skills in design and finance together to solve both the technical aspects of a key challenge and the problem of paying for it.

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Michael remains politically neutral with no intention of becoming involved in the endless struggles amongst the differing parties. He does have a strong interest in resolving the many problems facing the UK but strives to remain unaligned and objectively neutral in devoting his skill and service to the best benefit of everyone.

For those just plain nosey he remains single, but has plenty of openings for Bond Girls to join his world and vision of a better world.