The decline and fall of the British economy under Conservative Party leadership during the last two hundred years. Is this true and could you help Michael discover the answer?

Morning: Wednesday the 9th of March, 2022 And today the British press are reporting the deadlock between the United States of America and Poland on the shipment of Mig-29 Fighter jets to Ukraine. Although this will be seen as yet …

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How many opportunities have been lost for Britain to unleash the remarkable potential of its scientists, designers, innovators, engineers and create successive generations of genius to transform the country and the world? How many opportunities have been lost to become …

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In these maddening difficult times it’s often good to reflect on what you have achieved to keep yourself healthy and sane. Do you have a glass half-empty or one half-full?

Recent events in London highlighting the continuing case of violence against women has prompted Michael Bond to answer with his own personal thoughts on the history of repression of women.

After careful consideration Michael Bond announces his intention to run for the local elections for the Mayor of Greater Manchester.

The COVID-19 epidemic poses a number of serious long term challenges to the world. Here Michael Bond explores two of the most difficult challenges.

Friday, 7th, January, 2021 So there we are and it all ends happily after thirteen weeks of silliness in this mash-up between Star Trek and Doctor Who, all very, as the Great Time Lord would say, “Timey Wimey”. Let’s recap …

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